We work with schools and nurseries in Leith, growing organic food, composting, and exploring nature. Children love to eat what they have grown themselves and to learn through experience how to nurture our environment.

We support our Junior Carboneers to explore how we can tackle climate change in relation to our food by examining a range of ideas and materials which consider global issues and local solutions.


If your child has come home and told you about their experiences, drop us a line and comment below!


Who are we?

Leith Crops in Pots is largely a group of volunteers. We became a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation in 2013, have been successful in two applications to the Climate Challenge Fund, and now employ three staff members.


St. Mary’s Autumn Adventures

We have been having fun over the last few months harvesting lots of food from St Mary’s.  Here are some pictures of the children collecting all the food.




WP_20150922_017 (2)

Look out for us at the Christmas Fair selling some of our vegetables and talking about our work.  We will be selling salad bags like this one….


We have set up a worm bin at in the garden near the raised beds.  The uneaten fruit from snack is collected by our fantastic carboneers and given to the worms every day.  The worms will turn it into amazing compost for the garden for next year.  So far, since the beginning of October, this has reduced the schools carbon footprint by nearly 290kg of Co2 emissions.  This is the same amount of pollution that is released by someone taking  a flight from Edinburgh to Paris and back!


Leith Primary P6: Group 4

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This week the Junior Carboneers experimented with home made smoothies using a combination of organic fruit combined with a variety of school grown organic Kale, Spinach, Purslane, Mizuna and citrus juice.  After a full taste testing cermony, the winning formula was chosen – a great combination of Kale, Bananas, apples and lime juice. The children were surprised to enjoy these ‘green monster’ smoothies…a fun and nutritious way to get those super green minerals and vitamins.

The P5 Junior Carboneers at Leith Community Croft

WP_20151006_009 WP_20151006_012 WP_20151006_021 WP_20151006_003 WP_20151006_027 WP_20151006_004

This week our young gardeners were given nature detective cards and sent out into the wilderness (:-)) of Leith Community Croft.  They were asked to find bendy, round, alive, huge, and interesting things….finding flowers, fruits and vegetables and learning a little about seed harvesting too! Mariana our fabulous volunteer had lots of fun showing the boys their mini podcasts.  The children loved the croft and enjoyed discovering what was growing in the middle of Leith.

Harvesting and making the freshest soup!

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Finding lots of tasty veggies in the Stanwell Nursery Garden was almost as much fun as it was to get busy in the kitchen, chopping and preparing everything for the delicious vegetable and lentil soup.  Looking like we will have another leek harvest soon too! Well done Junior Carboneers, you can’t get more local than a few meters from the soup pot :-).

Stanwell Nursery Harvesting at the Croft

WP_20150917_019 WP_20150917_015 12041797_10153693889335712_1627214200_n  WP_20150917_009 WP_20150917_024 WP_20150917_021

Fantastic fun has been had over the last two weeks harvesting all the gorgeous organic potatoes, beans and courgettes at Leith Community Croft. Over 20 kg of potatoes in total were harvested by the children (with a little help from staff and volunteers!) and everyone has been given a portion to take home for dinner. The children loved every minute and so did we! The children at Stanwell know where their food comes from and vitally are learning about the seasons and how these relate to our food.