Leith Primary Harvest August 2015


What a fantastic first harvest at Leith Primary School.   Potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, beetroot, cabbage, chard and kale…Well done Junior Carboneers, we hope you enjoyed eating them as much you did growing them! Thanks to Bekah and Kate for helping with the harvesting and of course to Victoria from the Himalayan Centre for Arts and Culture for offering energy saving advice too!


St.Mary’s and Hermitage Park Primary Schools

We are having a great time at our two new schools St. Mary’s and Hermitage Park.  At St. Mary’s we have a fantastic team of the Tuesday Garden Club who are looking after the garden at the school.  We have planted onions, garlic, broad beans, cabbages and some winter greens in the raised beds.  We are also setting up a wormery in the garden to create some great soil improver and to make use of some of the fruit and vegetable waste from their snack time.  We are also growing loads of food at our allotment with the after school club.  We have had a brilliant harvest so far this year with beans, courgettes, spinach, cauliflower, beetroots, carrots and potatoes.

afterschool club

At Hermitage Park we are contributing to their re-development of the playground and will be building more raised beds and growing space to improve the opportunities for the children.  We are working with the P3 classes and so far we have planted lots of herbs around the playground and sowed lots of wild flower seeds, broad beans, spinach, garlic and onions.  We will also be putting in some fruit trees and fruit bushes during the winter.

St Mary’s After School Club

Last term for the first time we ran an after-school gardening club on the allotment at St Mary’s Primary school.  The children met every week until 4.15 and grew loads of different food and made lots of crafty things including a very fine scarecrow!  The club will be back next term and is open to any child P3 and above from St. Mary’s and Hermitage Park.

Please get in touch with Elly on elly@cropsinpots.org or 0131 6038827 if you are interested.

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Stanwell Nursery Gardening Group May 2015

It has been very busy over at Stanwell Nursery’s edible gardens this month. We’ve been clearing, building, planting and planning…and it’s starting to look quite wonderful. Thanks to our fantastic volunteers, the gardens are blooming and the Junior Carboneers are doing an excellent job of watering everything too.

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The Stanwell Nursery croft plot is filling up nicely. This week we planted the 2nd early potatoes in…The children will be invited to come down to Leith Community Croft at harvest time to play ‘find the tattie!’

The Growing Grotto! This week our Gardening Club Volunteers discussed and agreed the design of a ‘growing grotto’ space to provide another area for the children to enjoy.  Using local and mostly reused materials, our fantastic volunteers will be building this with support from our local volunteer (who is also an Architect) Elaine.  This growing ‘grotto’ as we’ve fondly named it, will ‘self water’ by collecting rainwater in it’s roof and redirecting it into the planters below…



This is the original circle base that we will be building the growing grotto around.

Leith Primary P6: Group 1


Everyone showing off their seed packet designs after researching native wild flower species.  The Junior Carboneers explored the importance of creating habitats for pollinating insects, and in particular, the importance of using seeds which are organic and so free from neo-insecticides.


The children each designed their own posters based on their learning from Junior Carboneers. Some focused on the message that we should shop local, others chose organic, or to use less packaging.  These designs will feature on limited edition eco shoppers for parents and guardians of everyone who has participated in this term’s Junior Carboneers.

Stanwell Nursery: Planting in the Seedlings 30 April 2014

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Today the Junior Carboneers at Stanwell Nursery planted in the radish, coriander and nasturtium seedlings from last years croft seed library.  They also planted sunflowers, sweetcorn and wild flowers.  The children learned why bees might need a bee hotel in the city, and why wild flowers are important for lots of different insects. Some snails were re-homed and we even had time to feed the rabbits too.